Keith Farmer joins BMW Tyco

After winning the 2017 Dickies British Supersport Championship, all was looking bright for a superbike ride, then all of a sudden all the top seats were taken. With this happening, I wasn’t just going to take a seat on a superbike just to be in main class as I needed to be in a strong team to give it a proper go. So the idea was to take a top Superstock 1000 ride in a top team and then try and move into superbike with that team. Thankfully for me I have always kept in contact with Philip Neill from TAS Racing that runs the official BMW Tyco team, we put our heads together and came up with said deal, that if I win Superstock for him, I can go to superbike in 2019.

I am really looking forward to getting my leg over the bike for first time (hopefully January) so we can start getting some miles on clock and get a comfortable feeling with the bike. I will keep use posted when/where I’m testing when I know. Once again thank you to all my sponsors, fans,friends and family for the support that everyone has given me, greatly appreciated, thank you.