Knockhill Race Report

After coming away from two private tests two weeks prior to round 5, we had made some good progress with the bike and myself changing my riding style to ride the BMW, which left us in a good frame of mind coming into the round.

From practice 1 right through to qualifying we were top of the timesheets every session, not by much, but our race pace/consistency was much stronger than anyone else. Race 1 on Saturday was postponed from 3 o’clock to 17:40 due to the grid markings were marked wrong so this needed altered. This worked better for us as was cooler in the evening and the track temperature wasn’t up as far. We got a horrible start and dropped back til 4th, with this we stayed calm and relaxed as we knew we had good pace, we made a few passes and once we got to the front we just concentrated on our own markers/lines and we started to pull away winning by 5seconds in the end from Billy McConnell and Joe Collier.

Sunday morning was an early riser as we had morning warm-up at 9:10 and then race at 11:10, so we knew we had to be steady in warm up with no offs as wouldn’t have time to fix the bike if we did.

Race 2 was relatively the same, I got a much better start thou and still ended up in 4th as Tom Neave came by me into the last turn. I settled for position and once I seen the pace wasn’t that strong I picked each rider off and went to make a gap at front, only two laps later I got passed again by Andy Reid, for a short reign as he held defensive lines so I managed to square him off and shot past out of turn 3 into 4. This was then time to put the hammer down and go, I set another new lap record after race 1 with a 48.4sec lap and started to pull away, only for the race to be cut short for a red flag as Andy Reid high sided and has broken his wrist, I hope himself and Billy McConnell are ok as he crashed a few laps earlier which has given me the championship lead now by 12 points.

Massive thank you to all the Tyco BMW Team for there efforts, Phil and Turk my mechanics and all team sponsors, my personal sponsors, family, friends and supporters/followers. Without you all it would not work, thank you. #DreamTeam