Silverstone Race Report

Going into round 9 we knew we needed to be strong and really put the pressure on while it was so close at the front. With the track at Silverstone being shortened after the tarmac issue and losing most of the long straights, unfortunately, we didn’t get to take full advantage of the BMW 1000RR’s horsepower.

Friday for both free practice sessions we ended up going round in circles chasing our tail as never got a direction to go with the setup as everything we tried did not seem to make a difference. At the end of the day between my crew chief Factory Phil and MLav’s crew chief Stuart Johnston (very smart man), figured out that it wasn’t anything to do with suspension setup but in fact it was down to some technical thing to do with the forces of the bike pulling/pushing against each other which wouldn’t let our suspension work properly (way over my head).

Saturday started from scratch going into qualifying and hope for best really, which wasn’t too bad to start from but just some rear grip through the fast corners we were missing. We ended up 4th from this for race 1. Race 1 was a hundred miler which is split into 2 parts, 1st part wasn’t so bad but just lack of rear grip still through the fast stuff left me spinning that bit and using more tyre than needed. We ended up 3rd, but most importantly in front of my two rivals. Part 2 was a disaster as I hit a false neutral on the line and as lights went green, I revved to go but was sat still cause bike not properly engaged in gear (at this point I absolutely 💩 my pants and thought I was going to get hit from behind and finish my year), thankfully no one hit me and I got away in 28th position, making a recovery til 9th, I could get no further as my tyre had gone off with coming through the pack but damage was minimal.

Sunday morning we had to try the hard tyre in warmup as the normal tyre wasn’t lasting, we went ok on it but still had lack of feeling. We made quite a few changes again for the race but yet again this feeling was replicated on the long turns, hence why I was dropping off the back of the leaders and ended up running off track to avoid a rider that checked up on me into a turn, thankfully the race was red flagged and I got to restart from 5th on grid. In between session restart, we again made more changes and this gave me a little more feel for the tyre to the ground, we were pushing on in 4th, just off the back off Billy. We couldn’t really do anything until last few laps as his tyre was starting to go off whereas I had looked after mine and had a lot more grip to play with, so on the final lap I made a massive charge and got him coming out of final bend heading to the line beating him for 3rd by 0.03 of a second to close the gap to half a point.

Really looking forward to Oulton this coming weekend, where last time out at Oulton I won the race. With a 50miler and a normal race, we are looking to put the pressure on as I feel confident and strong there.

Thank you to my team for the hard work and support behind me, means so much to all of us and without our team sponsors, personal sponsors, BSB staff, medical crew, marshalls and all who support me, this is greatly appreciated.